Eating Is More Fun In The Philippines

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Filipinos are fun loving people. We love to eat. Food is the core foundation of our social life. The diet is usually rice, fish, vegetables, and starchy snacks. Almost all Filipino families eat a regular 3 meals a day, in addition to the merienda in the morning and the mid-afternoon snack.


Leftovers rarely remain after a meal even in the restaurants. Extra food becomes a to go for the house help or the dog.


eating-more-fun eating-with-handleftover-dog

Some upscale native restaurants serve food using the kamayan style usually with a plastic.


eating-with-hands kamayan

Knives are seldom used. Food is normally eaten using a fork and spoon or just the hands.



If you happen to pass by a Filipino who is eating, you will be automatically invited to eat.


eating-family-dinner-300x199 typical rural eating

If there is an abundance of food, such as during a town fiesta, you can accept the invitation.


Philippine fiesta celebration

However, if it is just a regular meal, you are expected to say no politely. Always think if the invitation is convenient or inconvenient to the host. Filipinos are very hospitable but you should think that the food you are about to eat is part of their budget.



If you eat, they will give you most of their food. They would then content themselves with whatever food you have left.


filipino family dinner

Regular mealtimes are strictly observed in the Philippines. They usually eat at 7 am, 12 noon, and 7 pm.



Foreigners tend not to eat if they are not hungry. If you are with a Filipino, you should respect and observe mealtimes. It is the common practice to eat on schedule.


street food eating larsian cebu


If you buy a soft drink or water and there is no cup available, except that the liquid content would be transferred to a plastic bag. Don’t be scared, we consider it normal.


softdrink plastic softdrink in plastic


Filipinos highly value eating with family and friends. Sharing food fosters social relationships. It is unusual to see a person eating alone in a restaurant or in a bar.



You can see a lot of Filipinos eating in Jollibee. Kids love to eat in the Jollibee. They love to touch and dance with the Jollibee mascot. The chain of stores is usually full, which made Jollibee to be the number one fast food chain in the country.



In most cases, it would be funny to see that they drink mineral bottled water, and if not as cold as they want it, they put ice that was made from tap water.


water with ice


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