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The Philippines has motorcycle taxis called as the habal habal, where the simple designs of the motorcycles were altered with extended seats. Around the remote areas of the Philippines, it would be difficult or too expensive to hire a real taxi cab.


You need to hire a habal habal to take you to the areas without transportation except for the habal habal especially in places where the roads are rough, made of asphalt, and not cemented.


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How much do you need to pay a habal habal?

You are able to hire a tricycle or a habal habal on an hourly rate or “pakyaw” the whole day. If you are good negotiating like the locals, then you can save more this way. This keeps you from spending more money hiring a private car with a driver.



This simplifies your worries for the travel arrangements and pick ups. The driver can wait up for you at any and all hours. He can even suggest places can go visit and enjoy.


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Why hire a habal habal?

Most locations in the remote area are not accessible by car, which includes the waterfalls and other wonders of nature. Roaming around the remote hilly areas would mean enduring bumpy, rocky, narrow trails.


The drivers can take you anywhere you want to go because they know the area and are creative enough to pass through these difficult trails.



Are they safe?

Everyday is a miracle. Consider it as one of those days. Safety? No safety, no insurance, and sometimes no driver’s license. Needless to say, the passengers are always at risk. There are no helmets given to the passengers except if they run through the highway.


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The drivers usually drive extremely fast. If you got hit, they will only say sorry and go. You may quarrel, but you cannot get hospital and medical reimbursements because they do not have the money for that. Unbelievable system, but yes, these kinds of driver exist anywhere in the areas surrounding the island.


The habal habal extended seats are often designed on a T-shaped crossbeam extended sideways. A habal habal is a form of local transportation that would take you to places where there is no jeepney.



It is actually a motorcycle, sometimes with extended rear seating, that accommodates at least 4 to 5 persons. Since the Filipinos have smaller frames, the Yamaha or Suzuki motorcycles are able to carry 4 or 5 persons using seat extensions.


They are the most common transportation that you see in the areas not included with the regular routes of jeepneys. They are not allowed to run on busy major highways and city streets. The rules and the design may vary in different provinces.



The locals have been used to the gripping and seating discomfort of a habal habal or even a sidecar, can you? Foreigners do not fit inside the sidecar most of the times because of the height.



You are too tall and the design is built for the smaller locals. You can say pakyaw and pay for the vacant seats or unoccupied seats if you wish to be more comfortable.



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