Eating Street Food In Larsian Cebu

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Larsian is a very popular and so far, is the biggest street food in Cebu, where every stall sells almost the same food stuff and not much of a variety, such as the barbecue pork, barbecue chicken thigh, chicken intestine barbecue, grilled chorizo, grilled chicken intestine, squid barbecue, chicken skin, and many others including pochero soups.


You cannot eat plain rice in a cup in Larsian. They only sell puso. The original and main branch of this street food is located in the Fuente Osmena near the Chong Hua hospital.


Larsian Food CebuFresh BBQ Larsianpuso

Larsian is a must try experience in Cebu. The price is affordable and the food is very satisfying. Usually, people use their hands when eating. The food stalls supply plastic covers that you may use for your hand so you do not get dirty.


hand with plastic cover larsianlarsian bbq and puso

You can see many street vendors selling BBQ in Cebu but Larsian is the most famous and the most yummy street vendors of all grilled foods. The puso price could range from P3 to P5 pesos. The barbecue’s could be from P9 to P30 pesos depending on the size and kind.



Larsian is a good way to enjoy day to day living in Cebu. You see a lot of people here, rich and poor, eating the puso and the BBQ’s. Children also enjoy eating at the Larsian.


larsian cebu vendors cebu  larsian food display

Larsian at Fuente is a bazaar of small time eateries that gives you the perfect experience of how it is to eat the best barbecue in the city of Cebu. Do not expect anything fancy in this barbecue haven. They are just simply barbecue eaten using disposable plastic gloves.


Rice is serve the puso style. Grilled foods are everywhere. Anywhere you go, you can see similar cooking at the same price. People just flocked in here to eat and enjoy the cooking. You cannot see this much patrons with the other street barbecue vendors around the city. Larsian just got that magic.



People came from all over the city, or even from the nearby town, just to eat and hang around a bit before going home. You can see couples and families eating dinner here. Some people may ask for discounts or bundle freebies such as unlimited soft drink or soup.




The layout is the same and common for all Larsian branches around the city – vendors displaying their food stuffs! Everything is organized. The management of Larsian has done a very good job in preventing the barbecue smoke from blowing the faces of the customers. This place is the cheapest and an excellent choice for a group meal. It may not be the cleanest everyday dining place, but they try their best to keep it presentable.

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