Tinago Falls In Iligan City

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Tired of taking a dip in hotel swimming pools? Pack your bags and go to the Tinago Falls in Iligan City. This waterfall is one of the main tourist attractions in Iligan City. The falls offers a very cold, cascading water from the top of the mountain down into the calm basin like pool that appears like a very attractive blue colored lagoon. If you want more fun, just go right into the small cave under the falls and listen to the rumbling waters.



Located in the Barangay Ditucalan in Iligan City, the Tinago Falls requires a strong heart and good, solid legs because you are going to go down by about 500 steps and then come back on the same path.

Tinago Falls Iligan City

The Philippines White Pages has listed the Tinago Falls as one the best natural waterfalls in the area.

Tinago Falls Steps

The steps are winding and most people, especially the old ones need to stop and rest for a few minutes to get back some of their breathe.


For sure, you will understand the meaning of what it is really like to be panting when you get here.

Tinago Falls Kyle

Going up and down the steep slope is a test of physical endurance. However, you should be thankful it got stairs now.


Before, in the 1900s, you are just going to hold on to bushes to go down and climb back.


The stairs are a luxury already compared to the past. Be thankful of the secured footing.

Tinago Falls raft Tinago Falls cave

The breathtaking waterfall is an all time favorite of the locals and foreign visitors. The word Tinago means hidden. True to its name, the waterfall, which is about 240 ft high, is hidden amidst the deep ravine.



The natural pool is ideal for swimming. The falls is really worth the trip.

Tinago Falls poolIMG_1492

When you get there, there are guides who will volunteer to accompany you. Don’t worry, they accept any amount. Here are the rates when visiting the site


  • Entrance fee – PHP 10
  • Cottages – PHP 100 to PHP 300
  • Tables – PHP 50 per table
  • Life jacket – PHP 25 per person
  • Raft ride – PHP 20 per person
  • Food – none sold (bring as many as you can handle)


If you are not satisfied standing inside the small cave to listen the rumbling sound of the water, you can stand on the raft for a fee.


Wear your sexiest bathing suit and let your guide or your friend take a very alluring pic of you standing on the raft with the falls falling right on your head.


It is a real wow experience to do.



You need not worry if you are not an expert on photography, the beauty of the falls will let you take photo shoots like a pro. Believe me!


Here, nature is always ready to accommodate all ages. Downstream are shallow waters in natural, small stone pools that kids and old people can dip and swim.




How to get there

The address of Tinago Falls is

Border between Buruun and Linamon, Iligan City

Lanao Del Norte, Mindanao


(It is very popular, so you won’t run into any problem)

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