Unique Snapshots Of The Philippines White Pages

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What makes the Philippines unique? From its food down to its culture, you can see a lot of human diversity in terms of beauty. Most kids nowadays are a product of mixed culture marriage between white Americans or other nationality and native Filipinas. Take a look at this amazing beauty, simple and so divine


This is Renee McHugh, a half American half Filipino who was a contestant of the Miss Earth 2010 and Mutya ng Pilipinas.


Renee McHugh, Half american half filipino, contestant at miss earth 2010 and mutya ng pilipinas

Do you think you had seen enough? What makes the Philippines an island of beauty? It is the people themselves that look amazing. This is Jessica Mendiola, a half Filipino and half Lebanese.


Jessy Mendiola half filipino half lebanese

This is Krista Arrita Kleiner, a half Filipino and half German.


Krista arrieta Kleiner, half filipino half germanNormally, you will find yourself bumping into the local beauties. Here are the cuties from Globe. Pose, smile, and snap… Aren’t they worth discovering as potential models?



or this cutie



This would totally make you fly over here. Nope, they are not humans. They belong to the underworld. You can see the Tonicates, known as the sea squirts, attached to the rocks along the Verde Island Passage. (Courtesy of Gary Williams/California Academy of Sciences)


Tonicates, commonly known as sea squirts

A group of scientists from the California Academy of Sciences announced the discovery of over 100 species, suspected as new to science, in the Philippine islands of Luzon and Mindoro.


The new species of heart urchin


new species of heart urchin, discovered near Puerto Galera

You can see the brilliant blue sea squirts from the genus Rhopalaea hugging a coral reef off the coast of the Philippines. (source NBC News)


Brilliant blue sea squirts from the genus Rhopalaea

The National Science Foundation funded the long running exploration. The list and distribution map that was created as a result of the survey will help in making future conservation decisions for the best possible chance of survival.



This live Chelidonura alexisi nudibranch is a new information to the scientists. They are still studying how it lays eggs and how it varies within its species.


live Chelidonura alexisi nudibranch

This colorful swarm of fish is living in the corals of the Verde Island Passage.


Colorful fish swarm the coral in the Philippines' Verde Island Passage

What an island! It’s more fun in the Philippines. The Philippines has been called as the island of biodiversity that cannot be found in the other islands. Taken in 2014 exploration



In 2011, archaeologists unearthed remnants of what they believe is a 1,000 year old village based on the limestone coffin carbon dating. (source NYDailyNews)


limestone coffin

The Siquijor Island has been reputed as the island of the sorcerers practicing black magic. The Siliman Journal in 1971 revealed complex sorcery being practiced in the modern world.



A woman victim of barang or kulam. This is still being practiced even in the cities. Be careful not to offend anybody. They resort to witchcraft to get back to you.


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