How Well Do You Know The Philippines?

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The Philippines is situated in the heart of the Southeast Asia near Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. The land area is about 298,170 sq km as measured by the World Bank. An estimated 65% of the country is defined as mountainous.


The rest are seen to consist of narrow coastal plain, interior valleys, and uplands.




Being located in the Philippines plate active fault, the islands often experienced volcanic activity, mild earthquakes, flooding, and other natural hazards.




We have only two seasons here, the dry season and the wet season. It is generally dry between the months of January and May.



You can actually go out biking and have fun



or lazily sleep at the beach with a hammock



The country only experiences occasional rain showers. The onset of the wet season is June and then peaks in July to August. My advice – always bring an umbrella! Rain here just pours without notice.


flooding philippines

Or you can enjoy playing with the kids in the rain (you never had this during your childhood)



Simple games, simple joy!



Our time zone is GMT +8. English is widely spoken in the area so you have no trouble communicating with the Filipinos. However, you should learn to speak slowly and really look to the eye when speaking with someone.



The locals are a bit shy. For those with less formal education, the ability to speak English is quite poor.



The lifestyle of the Filipinos appears to be more Westernized but they remained traditionally Asian by heart. This means that family values are of the highest importance. If you invite one for dinner or lunch, you should be prepared to see a group of friends or most members of the family going with the person you invited.



This waterfalls restaurant is in Labasin Dam, Villa Escudero.



Don’t get shocked. This is normal. Females here usually go with family or friends, especially at first meeting with a foreigner.


Enjoy the Philippines!



Travel is freedom— so true! See more of us. Let us experience the world together!



The Filipinos are very creative and hospitable people. We may belong to the third world country, where you see poverty and despair, but, you always see even the poorest smiling.




With our rich natural resources, you can be sure that you get to see what you came here for – exotic sanctuaries, rainforest, flora and fauna, primeval caves, and majestic mountains.


Do what you want to do, anyway, as long as you have the map, getting lost is fun here! By sea




By mountains

You can always find your way home without those GPS and other robotic help.




No Android phones, no signal, no internet – just find your way by instinct.




Going up or going down, find your way, you gonna lose your pounds here.


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